It’s been great!

That’s it. The Zurich WalkShop is over. More than 25 participants enjoyed this event – despite the rain! The highlights were:

  • The presentation of VBZ at tram-stop Technopark about their tram passenger counter
  • Sniffing CCTV signals around Landstrasse
  • The OpenSense presentation from ETH at the end of the WalkShop.

The organizing team says “Thank you” to all the participants for walking with us. And a very special thank you to the presenters from VBZ and ETHZ.

The first participants arrive at Zurich Mainstation, awaiting the start of the WalkShop

The first participants arrive at Zurich Mainstation, awaiting the start of the WalkShop

Latest Update

Well, this is it: May 21, the day of the Zurich WalkShop. 35 people signed up for this event. Hopefully, the weather will clear up in the afternoon.

Thomas did a test run yesterday. Doing the entire walk by foot takes close to 3 hours. We can shorten the walk by 1 hour if we take tram no. 4 from Limmatplatz to Technopark. Therefore, we will walk from Zurich Mainstation (HB) to Limmatplatz, then by tram no 4 to Technopark and walking back to HB. This is the updated map:

Zürich City Walkshop auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Thomas already got a group ticket for 20 people (assuming some already have tickets) to speed things up a bit.

We’ll also get three CCTV receivers to tune into some cameras along Langstrasse.

5 Days Left

The date for the WalkShop is approaching fast. There are only 5 days left. Remember: if you want to participate you’ll need to register.

As written in this previous post we meet at Zurich Mainstation. If you are late or if you have trouble finding the meeting point you can call Andy at 076 /481 8511. And in order to know what to wear here is the weather forecast.

Suggested Walking Route

There is a lot to see around Zurich Main Station. Thomas did a good job and proposes the following route for our WalkShop. It will take at least 1 1/2 hours. It starts and ends at the Zurich Main Station. Thus, the WalkShop is easy to reach for everybody.
This route shown on the map is a suggestion. If you know other interesting points that should be visited, please feel free to suggest them.

Preliminary route for Zurich WalkShop

Preliminary route for Zurich WalkShop

Zürich City Walkshop auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Meet us at Zurich Mainstation

The starting point for the WalkShop will be the Group Meeting Point at Zurich Mainstation. You can’t miss it – it’s a big red cube in the main hall. We will meet there at 17:00 h. Please be on time because we expect a large attendance. Thank you.

Some of the presentations will be given after the walk. This event will be located at the Co-Working Space of SBB. Details will be given at WalkShop.

Highlights – updated

There is less than a 1 month to go until the WalkShop. And we can already present four highlights that will make this event a “must see”:

  • A researcher from ETH Zurich will give an overview of the OpenSense project.
  • A representative of the VBZ (Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich) will join us and talk about the new in-tram person counting sensors at one of the tram stops.
  • There will be an interesting presentation of this year’s Urban Data Challenge. The Urban Data Challenge Hack Day used transportation data collected by VBZ.
  • We will also present two DIY Air Quality Monitor projects.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zurich. And: Don’t forget to register.


DIY Air Quality Monitoring

There will be two DIY Air Quality Monitor projects on the WalkShop. Thomas and Andreas ordered some parts to build two sensor devices. Andreas uses the Arduino based hardware and a 3D printed case and Thomas goes for a custom design based on Gadgeteer modular hardware and a laser-cut case. Here are some photos of his ongoing project:

If you like this stuff why not build your own? Here is how. And If you have a project to show please drop Christine or Thomas a note!

Registration now open

The Zurich WalkShop is open to everyone. But we need to plan the ressources. Thus, the Organizing Team would like to know who to welcome to this very special social event. If you plan to walk with us please register here or go select Register from the menu.

Welcome to the Zurich City WalkShop!

Zurich is probably the most vibrant city in Switzerland. It is not only renowned for the Streetparade and the clubs. Moreover, Zurich has witnessed the founding of numerous  high-tech companies. Many of them are in the field of the “Internet of Things.” Paired with the spirit of science emanating from the two local universities, Zurich is ready for the future.

There’s an adhoc team based on members of the Zurich Internet of Things Meetup group (IoT-ZH) preparing the first Zurich City WalkShop on May 21st. If your are curious to know what to expect have a look at this site. It is updated frequently with the latest news.

Other WalkShops have been conducted. Most recently, there have been a series exploring the @22 district of Barcelona. If you want to learn more, have a look at this site.